DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

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3. Hot spot analysis

Once an analysis has been completed using the DIRECT calculation module, the following questions could be used to help identify and prioritise activities to improve resource efficiency:

  • Where are the hot spots, where is the higher potential of improvement, and in which time frame (short, medium, or long term)?
  • At which stage of the process does this change apply: supply chain, production lines, packing line, dispatch activities, etc.?
  • What knowledge or expertise are required to make these changes: technical, business, retail, management, etc.?
  • Who needs to be involved in this change?
  • Who can manage proposed projects, personnel and collaborations to implement required changes within the time frame proposed?

You can then define for each opportunity highlighted above in the hot spot analysis, consider the following:

  • Your goal (benefits expected): e.g. “reducing 10% of the food losses in the storage area by finding some specific solutions linked with: energy efficiency, packaging, and reuse of material”
  • The time frame: deadlines for short, medium or long-term actions
  • The personnel to involve and the person in charge of implementations.