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Waste compactor

Compacting waste to gain efficiency in waste collection
Mnitou_masted_forklift_truck2Waste contractors regular from premise pick up waste, such as general waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste, etc.

Contractors usually define the cost of the “pick up” by referring to the amount of times they have to come, not to the amount of volume they have to “pick up”.

Using a simple waste compactor can:


  • Significantly reduce the volume of waste per week
  • Optimise the number of times a contractor comes to pick up bins
  • Less volume for a higher mass reduces the environmental impacts associated to the transport of waste



BlocBeton2 Explore different methods of compaction of waste

Heavy items, such as a cubic piece of concrete, can be used, as long as the handling machine can manage the weight appropriately and OH&S standards are adhered to i.e. lift the weight and administer it to the waste with safe and secure plant.


Compactor Weights can be applied through a number of methods. One way could be with a forklift to compact your waste directly into the bin. Off the shelf waste compactors are also available. Some companies complete a cost benefit analysis to calculate the pay back of the savings on waste collection versus the capital expenditure for such compactors. Take into account safety rules before attempting to implement any waste compaction system, no matter if it is a custom or an off the shelf solution.