DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

Bulk ingredient circulation

Use pipes to deliver your ingredients into your factory in bulk.
Frozen products, liquids, powder, and other food ingredients can be stored in bulk in silos and then moved into your factory using pipes with pumps.


Suppliers can deliver ingredients by truck and pump them into storage, ready to be used in your production process. This supply can significantly:

  • avoid using and managing any packaging on inbound ingredients
  • allow more storage room
  • reduce the transport needed into the company, as ingredients can be directly pumped from silos to the food preparation machine where needed
  • improve OH&S through reduced handling
  • equate to ingredient cost reductions
  • reduce packaging waste and associated costs.

This type of project usually requires a cost benefit analysis, however it is an approach that has been undertaken by Plenty Food Group members to increase resource efficiency in their business.


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