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Energy efficiency for food and beverage manufacturing


There are a range of energy efficiency strategies which can reduce costs in the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

These include ideas from the Energy Efficiency Exchanges joint initiative in Australia, such as optimising the use of existing equipment in manufacturing (monitoring, effective shutdown procedures, operating temperature, pressures, heat and refrigeration, boiler systems, cooking equipments, pasteurisers, maintenance, etc.), investing in process innovation and equipment upgrade (heat waste recovering, adapted equipments, staged cooling, etc.), or investing in low carbon energy supply options (solar thermal, food waste-to-energy plant, ect.). Other future developments options that can be proposed include improving supply chain collaboration strategies in order to work together to find the lowest cost options to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Find more about those ideas by clicking on the image below:

The bottom line on energy efficiency: a joint initiative of Australian, State and Territory Governments

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