DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool


DIRECT has been developed through direct observations and input from food manufacturers Black-Network

RMIT’s Centre for Design and Society collaborated with food manufacturers in the Plenty Food Group in the City of Whittlesea to gain efficiency in the resources they use.


Black-Task-ManagerThis website and in particular the DIRECT calculation module have been developed through:

  • resources audits
  • on site surveys  to gain a deep understanding of the processes involved to transform resources into products
  • interviews of staff.

The result of this 24-month project involving 20 companies is a practical tool for food manufacturers.

check DIRECT has been made available to the Plenty Food Group members, and the wider food industry, to help them to achieve resource efficiency in their business.


See more about the development of DIRECT here, and case studies of the companies involved here.

To access the DIRECT calculation module, download here.