DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

The Research Partners

"RMIT Centre for Design and Society (CfD+S) teamed up with Plenty Food Group (PFG), a food manufacturing industry network for companies (retail, food service and hospitality industries) based in Melbourne's north, to develop the Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool (DIRECT) to measure resource efficiency of local food producers. This was possible from funding provided by Sustainability Victoria through their Beyond Waste program."

The Centre for Design and Society, RMIT University

RMIT University’s Centre for Design and Society (CfD+S), located in the School of Architecture and Design, is a research centre dedicated to engaging with the challenges posed by sustainability from a design perspective. The Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Products and Packaging teams, within the Centre, undertake research, consulting, and capacity building in the field of sustainability. RMIT University is one of Australia's largest Universities and is considered a leader in technology, design, global business, communication, global communities, health solutions and urban sustainable futures. For more information about the Centre for Design and Society visit the Website here

Plenty Food Group - Cities of Whittlesea & Hume

The Plenty Food Group (PFG) is a food manufacturing industry network for companies based in Melbourne's north, entirely focused on assisting small, medium and large companies in food processing, or those supplying products and services to the food manufacturing industry. The group is supported by the City of Whittlesea and Hume City Council. Within the catchment, PFG have over 150 food manufacturers employing over 6,000 people. Businesses vary in size and type, producing a range of product for the retail, food service and hospitality industries for local, national and international markets.

Company's key sectors: Bakery, confectionery, food processing, pasta and cereals, beverage, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Find more information on the Plenty Food Group website.

Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria is a government agency that is part of the Victorian Government’s environment portfolio. Through practical programs, investment and support, Sustainability Victoria helps households and businesses adopt more sustainable practices to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy, now and for the future.