DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

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DIRECT Process

What is the DIRECT process?


The steps to the DIRECT process (as illustrated in the diagram below) are:

  1. Data collection.  This may require a site assessment to collect missing data
  2. Results and report.
  3. Hot spot analysis.

In addition,  Tips and Practices  are provided to help you  review, benchmark and improve  the resource efficiency of your company.

The  calculation module  for DIRECT requires  Microsoft Excel  software to run and can be downloaded here:  DOWNLOAD DIRECT.

Review, Benchmark, Improve

Define your strategy to reduce losses and optimise material and energy flows in your business, and get inspired by tips, success stories available on the DIRECT web site.

After several months, you can start another assessment and observe the changes that occurred due to your strategy:

  • Compare your results to previous assessment, and analyse your trends
  • Leave comments on the website forum about tips that you followed
  • Add success stories of your own experience

Go back to previous assessments to determine your trends, compare the precision and accuracy of your inventory, track the evolution of your resource efficiency score, and follow-up your strategic plan!