DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool


Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool Process

The  DIRECT ( Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool)    process is about mapping resources, namely the flow of materials (ingredients packaging and products), water, and energy into and out of a company.

How will the results look?

The results of using DIRECT will enable baseline material, water, and energy efficiency to be calculated, and in turn the identification of major losses, wastes, and potential gains that are or could be made across the business. These gains may be made by avoiding losses (such as waste streams), reducing material and energy use and saving the associated business costs (storage, processing, etc.). Innovation by developing and using new processes and technologies will support this resource and energy flow optimisation. This could result in more competitive businesses that innovate to ensure the efficient use of purchased materials, more time for plant and equipment utilisation, more effective use of business capital, less waste, and more efficient delivery of services.

DIRECT  allows you to audit your own business.

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