DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

Case studies

DIRECT has been developed with food manufacturers in order to be effective and relevant.

Below are examples of businesses who took part in the development of DIRECT, and documents their experiences using the tool in this process. Alpha and Beta versions of DIRECT were presented and in face to face dialogue, feedback was provided on the usability and effectiveness of the calculation module. This feedback was used to further develop and refine DIRECT.

Learn more about Sustainability Victoria "Smarter Resources, Smarter Business" program: visit Sustainability Victoria website, and energy and materials efficiency case studies.

Heather Brae

"The accounts person is probably the gate keeper who would run the tool." " The ratios and true cost of waste figures generated by DIRECT could be of benefit to companies that have any significant waste streams." Heather Brae, 2014 Company background Heather Brae is situated 18 km north of Melbourne CBD, and supplies the food retail […]

Nestlé Oceania

"Ratios given by DIRECT are good indicators of efficiencies in the food production system." Nestle Oceania, 2014 Company background Nestlé Oceania, a  global food giant,  is the biggest food and beverage company globally. Their Campbellfield site, situated 27km north of Melbourne CBD have a large and highly controlled confectionary factory running. Currently the group uses […]

Select Harvests

"Packaging input to gross product ratio would assist in reporting for the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)." "The forum will be a powerful part of DIRECT, where companies share best practise and collaborate on managing waste." Select Harversts, 2014 Company background Select Harvests is situated 18 km north of Melbourne CBD, and supplies food retail across Australia […]

Silly Yaks

"The ratios and true cost of waste figures that DIRECT reports seem to be logical and complimentary to production reporting." "Another helpful ratio is that of finished product waste (i.e. product that has gone through production but is then wasted)/ total solid waste." "The development of DIRECT could provide us with the opportunity to involve […]