DIRECT – Dynamic Industry Resource - Efficiency Calculation Tool

RMIT Centre for Design and Society (CfD+S) teamed up with Plenty Food Group (PFG), a food manufacturing industry network for companies (retail, food service and hospitality industries), to develop DIRECT (Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool) to measure resource efficiency of local food producers. DIRECT, co-designed and tested with 20 companies, focuses primarily on tracking material and energy inputs/outputs, waste streams, and associated business costs.

The aim of DIRECT is to help food producers gain efficiency in managing their resources. DIRECT has been developed with industry in order to be effective and relevant. Your business will benefit from using DIRECT through the reduction of resource consumption and associated business costs.

Use DIRECT to:

Understand and calculate the true business cost of waste
Understand how to conduct a resource efficiency assessment
Identify and calculate resource efficiency and reduce waste
Understand the business value of improving resource efficiency